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328                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

tlon, under the Mount of Naparisma, which is
like a little Vesuvius, wooded up to the summit,
but has no volcanic productions.

We skimmed part of a high insulated rock,
where some ships were at anchor, waiting for
sugars, and along the shore, which is not unlike
Devonshire, as the hills are cleared towards the
sea and backed by forests on a much larger

We landed at a gentleman's estate, managed
by an emigre of St. Domingo, who received us
with great politeness, but un peu trop a la fran-
gaise; for the dirt predominated. The great hall,
which, like the cobbler's hall in the song, served
for many purposes, was open and free to a vast
variety of animals, visible and invisible, such as
turkeys, geese, pigeons, flamingos, Muscovy ducks,
common ducks, hens, chickens, dogs, cats, black
and yellow children, &c.

He is a pleasant sort of man, and his mulatto
lady very polite, but he is le premier des gesticu-

We did not fare or lodge a la Sardanapah, but
did well on the whole, and sallied forth next day
before sunrise.

We continued our voyage to the point of
Brea, or the pitch lake, near the western extre-